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This page contains questions asked of Sathya Sai Baba in His subtle form and His answers given at gatherings/satsangs held all over the world.

In a satsang held in the divine presence at Suffolk, UK, on 3 April, 2016, a devotee asked why have all avatars been male. And here is what Swami said:

Question: Why have all Avatars been male? Have there been female Avatars in the past?

Swami: Only a lion will understand the language of a lion and only a donkey will understand the language of a donkey. Similarly, only men need all the training, only men need to make a great improvement, so the Avatar needs to come as a man. (Laughter and applause) Every woman is an Avatar. Only God has the power to create.

God has shared this power with women and women are nothing but embodiments of Divinity. They are far better than men and they do not need anybody to come and teach them. (Applause)

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