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One World, One Sai





As mentioned below, the mission of One World One Sai is to unite youth of all nations around the world and to help realize oneness by assisting in individual self-transformation and by providing a platform to help others help themselves to transform - a single location to Engage, Interact and Create an Impact. Over the next 12 months many features will added to the platform.  This month a soft launch will be taking place to a small group of leaders worldwide to ensure that stability of the system prior to the hard launch this November.





In June of 2015 Swami directed the youth unite as one in group activities creating ‘Sai Youth USA’.  Swami also asked a group of engineers to create a content management system for volunteers and events. This data base will match Seva projects and their locations with the skills and professional experience of volunteers worldwide. This system effectively matches resources with needs allowing us to more closely follow Swami’s dictate of not wasting time, energy or money.


Swami named this project “One World, One Sai”. He publicly announced it during the World Youth Meet held at the 90th Birthday Celebrations in November 2015 in Muddenahalli.


 ‘One World One Sai' brings together all of the information on Swami’s worldwide projects into one space. The single dashboard allows the user to navigate to any Seva project which are divided into catagories related to health care, socio-care, educare, youth activities, volunteer management, event management, education management, or econo-care.


Each component is divided into specific projects taking place allowing the user to participate as they wish. This provides all an opportunity to take part in the Divine Mission according to their abilities.


Over the next 10 years with His Love, Guidance and Grace; it is projected that one billion members of the worldwide Sai family will use One World One Sai helping us to work in unity on His mission of Selfless Love and Service.


“To the devotees of America -It is My command, this is My wish that you all should live your lives in accordance with Swami’s principles of selfless love and service. Seeing you as ideal examples, others will change. If others change, the whole nation will change, and if America changes, it will do a lot of good for the rest of the world”.

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