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Guru Vikas


Swami has launched the Guru Vikas program worldwide. The first international meeting was held in 2015 in Singapore with representatives from 28 countries.  The second international meeting was held in Japan in March of 2016.  One of the most powerful means of transformation for society is through education. 


Swami launched this Guruvikas program to work on the blossoming of the hearts of the teachers through self-transformation.  Only through the transformation of the teachers, can the children, families and communities transform.  Swami has commanded that 9 booklets be published highlighting each of the acronym of the Teacher:

T - transformation

E - exemplar

A - awareness of the atma

C - cultural relevance

H - unity of head, heart and hands

E - creating a clean and loving environment

R - unity of religions


The introduction booklet has already been published.  The final book will be a self-analysis book for continued spiritual and professional development for the the teachers.  In addition, Swami has identified Rita Bruce's book on Love of Conscience and Dr. Ron and Suwanti Farmer's books on Mindful Parenting and the Handbook for Teachers in Human Values Education as additional readings for the teachers in this program.  The DWF website will publish more information as it becomes available.

Us Academy for Human Excellence (USAHE)

The US Academy of Human Excellence is a public service organization with a vision to serve as a resource for the development of human excellence in all individuals, particularly teachers, as in their hands lies the future of our children.

"Teachers, in fact, are the people who indicate the royal road for human life.  Teachers illuminate the nation by promoting great ideals.  They are responsible for the blossoming of ideals in the young.  They awaken in children the integrated awareness which is subtle and hard to recognize. They draw out the latent potentialities in the students. If they are encourage to make the effort,  students can accomplish anything." 

Sathya Sai Baba

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