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True understanding of spirituality can only come if we step outside the boundaries of our preferred religion and look for the one golden thread of Truth that runs through all faiths.


To register go to: https://www.dharmacent faith-retreat.html

What to expect…. 

Father Charles Ogada - a Nigerian Christian mystic and Vedantist - has been working to transform the village of Ebe, Nigeria into ‘Joy Village’. Allowing love to be his guiding light, he now brings his profound spiritual insight and love to Canada for this extraordinary three day multi-faith retreat.

Participants will have the opportunity to spend time in silence, contemplation and meditation, hear talks, and ask questions of Father Charles, practice yoga, walk in the forest, canoe, and do experiential exercises to become aware of our timeless, ever-peaceful, ever-present, ever-loving Self. One day of the retreat will be in silence. Through direct experience we can develop faith in the Self and an inner affirmation that: “The ‘I’ in me can do anything!”

Venue: The Dharma Centre of Canada

The Dharma Centre of Canada is a retreat centre located in Kinmount, Ontario, 2.5hrs North East of Toronto or 3.5hrs West of Ottawa. The 400 acres of forested property invites visitors to appreciate the beauty and wildness of the natural world. There is a myriad of wildlife in the dense forest, meadows, beaver ponds, creeks and small lake that make up the property. Deer are often seen roaming the property seemingly unfazed by retreatants, and the occasional moose or bear may wander through. There are many walking trails as well as a canoe and kayak available for use during quiet times. The Centre has been operating for 50 years and has had people meditating on its lands continuously since its inception. It hosts spiritual practitioners of all faiths.


Early Bird:       After August 15th:
Single:               $305 Single: $335
Camping:          $225 Camping: $225


The fees for the retreat include 3 nights accommodation and 3 meals per day. Father Charles offers the teachings freely so that people can attend classes no matter their financial means. Each time one receives teachings it is an opportunity to consciously practice generosity. Giving money or other means of support expresses gratitude for the teachings and helps to ensure that these teachings continue. Every person who receives teachings can determine, according to one’s heart and one’s financial means how much to offer.



Accommodations vary from single retreat cabins to rooms in a retreat compound.

Rooms are either single or doubles. The rooms are simply furnished with a bed, desk, and shelves or dressers. Washroom and showering facilities are located nearby.

If you have any special mobility, dietary needs or if you have troubles with snoring please be sure to mention this on your retreat registration.

The Work in Nigeria: Joy Village

Joy Village, founded by Father Charles’ registered charity SSAI, represents an ideal of human community centered on awakening the inherent capacity within each one of us to love and be loved and to come to know our true Self through humanitarian service. The first Joy Village is situated in Ebe county, Enugu, an extremely poor and drought-stricken region. Over the last seven years SSAI has begun to dramatically transform the communities of the surrounding area which for generations have been plagued by poverty, ill-health and low aspirations through it’s triple care mandate: Educare, Medicare, Sociocare.


The first human-values based school built in Joy Village is The Embodiments of Love Academy and now serves 700 students. The essence of their education is development of human excellence in five domains: spiritual, intellectual, creative, social and environmental.  A free hospital is now running in the community and focuses on bringing heart into healing. The Liquid Love water project, Come and Eat food program, and Heart of Love Children’s Home address the practical needs of the village with input and involvement of the villagers giving everyone the opportunity to care for each other and create caring communities.

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